The Latest and Greatest

Unfortunately the content plans for September are little behind schedule. Content is always a problem for me, but I think I’m getting better at making myself actually post things. Since last I wrote here, I did manage to piece together a new sample app that uses all but one of the HTTP methods that supports. In doing so, I have expanded a previous bit of code into a full fledged library, which will be open source and freely available to help people save time with integrations built on this platform.

Come to think of it, that Http client library is actually useful far beyond AutomatedApi, so I hope that can be of use in a broad category. Wouldn’t want to pigeon hole a thing that could be useful with so many projects.

Another thing I realized when building the second sample app (it’s simple inventory management btw) is that the implementation code becomes a bit repetitive. I hate that, so I’ve added downloadable code, dlls, and potentially nuget libraries to the list of features I’d like to add support for over the course of the next year.

Got a big ol’ bump in traffic

AutomatedApi is growing as I expected, and I’m happy to notice that it was featured on DZone. I had zero expectation of that but am glad that other people see something useful in what I’m building. Signups have been very encouraging, and we’re approaching triple digits in terms of user reservations. That should jump a bit more once the product pushes through the closed beta phase and I can offer some free usage with a free account.

Features in the Pipe

October is planned to be big for the product. In the course of this month I intend to add the following:

  1. logging with visibility for users, i.e. a preliminary dashboard
  2. secured apis by default, this will be achieved via API keys which can be added or revoked by users via their portals
  3. rate limiting and usage measures, I’ve not really tried to hide the fact that rate limiting and usage are currently not measured. In fact until I get that in place, all signed up users could basically build and create to their hearts content free of charge.

I’ll be interested to see if this causes a bump in throughput to the site, and to see what kind of problems an increased load might introduce.

Cheers Folks!