Well, soft launched at the very least.

As of yesterday, AutomatedApi.com is up and running with user registration, login, api creation, and api access. There are a few details yet before it’s completely useful but this represents huge progress.

The purpose of this blog will be mostly technical in nature. It’s a way for automated api development to be done at least partially in public. I have a large number of updates and extensions planned for the coming weeks and will be notifying here frequently.

Latest Update:

  • Hit go on the site
  • Published a rudimentary Documentation site here
  • published a rudimentary blog right here so you can see it

Some notes on current function. 1 There is a bug in the parse which causes errors in component schemas that contain ‘ref’ entries, avoid them for now 2 when inputing an Open API spec, you should include an ‘info’, ‘paths’, and ‘components’ (with schemas). Most of the spec can be empty, but the service specifically uses the schema definitions to build, so it is where your models should be defined. 3 I understand that is now notice on screen for how an api, once created will be generated, HTTP calls should be sent to proxy.automatedapi.com, but I intend to have sample links on the portal page to make that as easy to see as possible.